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God Said No Limited-Edition Photo Zine w/ CD

God Said No Limited-Edition Photo Zine w/ CD

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Omar Apollo returns with his highly anticipated sophomore album God Said No. God Said No is Omar’s interpretation of “lo que será, será” which translates to “whatever will be, will be”. The phrase embodies the album with Omar’s tongue-in-cheek humorous outlook on the suffering that comes from surrendering and accepting whatever is thrown at you by life, a relationship, or lover. 

This accompanying photo book is a two–year retrospective of the making of the album and features a mix of black white and color photography, original poetry, transcriptions, and journal entries handwritten by Omar during the songwriting and recording processes. The pictures were taken in Los Angeles, London, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Guadalajara between 2022 and 2024, and offer the viewer an intimate look into the concepts and creativity that inspired God Said No. Limited to 2000 copies, each book comes with a removable CD insert of the album in its entirety. 

Photography: Kyle Keli'ikoa Lazo Mickelson
Additional Photography: Aitor Laspiur, Teo Halm
Design Direction & Editing: Joel Lazo & Kyle Keli'ikoa Lazo Mickelson 
Graphic Design: Joel Lazo

Soft cover
8 x 9
52 pages + cover

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